#HorizonEU. Climate & Energy, Bioeconomy & Biodiversity. Funding opportunities und Cluster 5&6

Zeitraum: 09.09.2021 13:30 - 09.09.2021 14:30 Uhr


The session is embedded in the virtual info day "#Horizon EU. Virtual Info Day on the new EU Funding Programme for Research and Innovation". "Horizon Europe", the EU's key funding programme for research and innovation. It was launched in early 2021 and offers a wide range of significant funding opportunities until 2027.

The event will highlight the participation opportunities for scientists. In addition, the different programme pillars and respective application conditions will be explained, advice on how to apply for funding and the advisory and support services at the university and the university hospital will be presented. The registration for further #HorizonEU events is possible in the qualification portal.

Horizon Europe's Pillar II: "Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness" offers various ways to conduct joint research projects. The pillar consists of six clusters that aim at different thematic fields. This session focusses on main topics of Cluster 5 (Climate & Energy) and Cluster 6 (Bioeconomy & Biodiversity).

Cluster 5 aims to fight climate change by better understanding its causes, evolution, risks, impacts and opportunities, and by making the energy and transport sectors more climate and environment-friendly, more efficient and competitive, smarter, safer and more resilient.
Cluster 6 aims at reducing environmental degradation, halting and reversing the decline of biodiversity on land, inland waters and sea and better managing natural resources through transformative changes of the economy and society in both urban and rural areas.

Scientists at the University of Jena are cordially invited to learn more about the strategic plan of HorizonEU in general, and important objectives, for these research areas in particular. Moreover, you learn about important funding opportunities in these clusters. Last but not least, you get insight into the review criteria for proposals.

The session is divided in three parts: In the first part, Melanie Eichler (SFT, University of Jena) will present specific calls of Cluster 5. In the second part, Dr. Benjamin Sippel (SFT, University of Jena) will present specific calls of Cluster 6. Afterwards, attendants get the opportunity to ask questions.

Dr. Benjamin Robert Sippel

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Note: The workshop will take place online. We will inform you about links and codes for access in due time.

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Cluster 5:

  • climate science and solutions
  • energy systems, and grids
  • energy storage and supply

Cluster 6:

  • biodiversity and natural resources
  • seas, oceans and inland waters
  • bio-based innovation systems in the EU's bioeconomy

Melanie Eichler I Servicezentrum Forschung und Transfer
Dr. Benjamin Sippel I Servicezentrum Forschung und Transfer

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