Horizon Europe - Next EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme - Key Features and Participation Strategies

Zeitraum: 18.11.2020 10:00 - 10.02.2021 14:00 Uhr

 18.11.2020 bis 10.02.2021 I mittwochs 10:00 Uhr bis 14:00 Uhr

The Framework Programmes (FPs) for Research and Innovation are the main instruments of European Union for funding research and innovation projects and initiatives across a wide array of disciplines and domains. The forthcoming EU FP namely Horizon Europe (HE) is proposed to be implemented with a budget of 100 billion Euros by the European Commission between the years 2021-2027. This new Programme raises upon the structure and achievements of its processor Horizon 2020 (H2020) and proposes ambitious schemes for world-class research and innovation endeavours.

The seminar "Horizon Europe - Next EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme: Key Features and Participation Strategies" aims:

  • to provide information about the structure of the Horizon Europe (HE); pillars, programmes and key features
  • to provide basics of getting engaged to Horizon Europe
    • Finding, analysing a call and forming an idea
    • Things to know about networking; importance, ways and means of it
    • Participating to a proposal; developing a consortium and preparing a proposal

The seminar targets researchers, staff and students of the University. The seminar aims to make an introduction about and increase the level of information about Horizon Europe structure and key features. It aims to provide an insight with regards to enhanced visibility, networking and proposal development and to provide key knowledge for getting prepared for the next FP. The participants will be equipped with necessary skills and knowhow to successfully participate Horizon Europe proposals and processes. The seminar will be offered in 2 Modules. The first Module aims to provide information and insight about Horizon Europe and participation strategies. The second Module entails one-to-one (through online means) meetings with the individual researchers and research groups to help them build their agenda for participating to Horizon Europe.

Module 1: Structure of Horizon Europe and Participation Strategies 

 Basics of EU Research and Innovation Framework Programmes and Horizon Europe

  • Introduction to EU Framework Programmes (EU FPs)
  • The next EU FP Horizon Europe; Main structure of Horizon Europe with key components (programme parts, clusters, missions).

Getting engaged to EU Research and Innovation Framework Programmes (EU FPs)

  •  How to Identify and Analyse a Call?
    • Finding the right programme/call
    • Using Participant Portal to search for calls
    • Available support structures at national and European levels
    • Analysing a call text for building a proposal; via selected examples
  • Boost Your Visibility and Network
    • Why and how to do networking
    • Introduction to possible networking tools and platforms
  • Build/take part in a Consortia and plan a proposal
    • Ways and means to develop partnerships: online platforms, databases, existing support measures, funded projects, events.
    • Things to know about developing a proposal
  • Building your agenda for Horizon Europe
    • Insights and guidance for getting prepared for a successful engagement to Horizon Europe

Module 2: One-to-one meetings with participants

In this Module, one-to-one (through online means) meetings with the individual researchers and research groups to help them build their agenda for participating to Horizon Europe. The officers from Service Center Research and Transfer of the University will also join to one-to-one meetings within the context of the second modules to provide their support to researchers and their teams. Individual meetings with the participants/participant groups will be scheduled and organized separately each week.

The instructions for participation, scheduling a meeting and getting prepared for the meetings will be given by the lecturer.

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Referentin: Dr. Selda Ulutas Aydogan